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Bulan: September 2022

6 Tips for Betting in the World Cup 2022

6 Tips for Betting in the World Cup 2022

The World Cup celebrates the world’s most popular sport in ionclub. In America, it’s time to discuss and debate together how good our national team would be if our best players chose soccer over soccer or basketball. The US may not be the biggest winner, but that doesn’t make sports gamblers any less enthusiastic about the excitement of this big event. Here is a list of five things to keep in mind when betting on a four-year tournament.

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Format

The “one-off” style of NCAA basketball tournaments can give bettors more drama in online sportsbooks, but don’t sleep in the World Cup betting format. If you’re not sure how it goes, let’s break it down so you can get it right and create a game plan for this epic event.

“The 32 teams are divided into 8 groups of 4 players known as the “Group Stage”. After each team plays against the other three teams in the group, the top two teams advance to the round of 16. From now on, it will be a single elimination. The group stage strategy is different from the strategy after the round of 16. Mainly, goal difference is used as a break for a draw if the top two teams in a particular group need to be determined.”

This often results in teams trying to score as many goals as possible in the first three games. This can affect your betting strategy, especially if you are betting on the total number of goals in the game.

6 Tips for Betting in the World Cup 2022

2. Choose Your Bets Wisely

You may know the basics of sports betting, but the popular strategy for soccer betting is a little different from the other sports you are used to. For example, when it comes to the World Cup, one of the common bets is actually the prize bet on the final winner of the tournament.

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    “Just like basketball or soccer, soccer has a goal spread. This is the same basic concept as any other sport, but things get a little more interesting when the game is expected to score low.”

This brings us to the next possible bet: Over/Under. Another common bet, over/underline, usually ranges from 2.5 to 3 total goals in the game. When deciding where to invest your money, consider the past history between the two teams, the weather, and what each team had to do to qualify for the tournament.

6 Tips for Betting in the World Cup 2022

3. Sweepstakes

A football game can end in a draw if you don’t take that into account (although critics constantly point out that most are aware). However, a draw will result in relegation to the group stage as this is the tournament to determine the winner. This may seem counterintuitive to everything Americans think about sports, but you can place a bet and hope for a draw.

“Given the US (+200) vs Italy (-180) or draw (+250) options, you may find betting on the draw worthwhile. A possible series game should answer another question. What happens to parlay bets in the event of a draw? The answer depends on the book you are betting on.”

Some sites consider the draw as a boost even in one of the parlay games. Some consider it a loss and say that you have to win all bets completely to get cash. Believe it or not, some people will give you a win… maybe a tie might not be so bad. Do your due diligence on how your book handles bets when there is a draw.

4. Study

This tip is not flashy. That’s probably why it’s often overlooked by the average weekend sports gambler. This event held every four years is sure to result in minor changes to each team’s roster, health, strategy and momentum. There are also many predictions from experts that cannot be taken lightly. Besides, to be honest, you haven’t followed most of the teams in recent years.

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5. Be The Right Person

Personal stats, yellow cards, tournament MVP… If beautiful play alone isn’t enough to entertain you with low scoring tendencies, prop betting can give you in-game action that you can enjoy even without a scoreboard. Popular prop betting involves choosing which team (or even player) will be the first to score a yellow card and which player will score the first goal and score the first assist.